Subway Station Vol2
A very nice and high quality package containing modular assets that can be used to create A subway station/ subway corridors. All objects have prefabs with their own materials. Objects are all low poly and optimized. Great to use on any device. All assets are modular And the demo scene that you see has been made up out of only modular assets. All assets have been set up to work with the PBR metallic/roughness method. And the demo level is using a special custom made shader that has a lot of flexibility in controlling roughness,metallic. adding extra maps and using masks to add unique details like dirt,grunge,scratches etc. This pack contains: 27 Modular Assets 10 handmade textures 38 decal textures (placed within an atlas) 1 custom shader 1 Demo Scene Textures maps for each object: Diffuse map. Normal map. Metallic map (in alpha of diffuse) Roughness map. All textures are 2048x2048 and can be downscaled to your liking
Unity3d Asset Store Publisher - Artist