Subterrain Pack
Published 3 months ago


About This GameIn Subterrain, you fill the shoes of Dr. West, the apparent lone survivor of MPO, an underground city on Mars. Do what you must to survive: battle enemies, fight hunger and thirst, mend your wounds, and gather resources in a constant struggle to survive the catastrophe that’s beset Mars! You may end up being your own worst enemy if you’re careless!Every decision you make is critical as the world does not wait for you.SURVIVALStruggle against your own bodily urges, such as thirst, hunger, exhaustion, and more!Beware of injuries, including bone fractures and blood loss!Scavenge or perform research to obtain medical supplies!Manage your oxygen and thermal levels while exploring!COMBATFight the horrors of Mars with melee and ranged weapons! Customize your ranged weapons using modular parts! Struggle against the persistence of time! Race against the spread of the infection! Enemies will evolve over time from cocoons to monstrosities!Defend your generator against invasions!CRAFTCollect and scavenge junk and creature parts to break down into components!Produce armor, guns, grenades and upgrades using 3D printers!Craft performance enhancers, survival gear, and more with the Bio Combiner!Harvest plants and ores using the biosphere and mine. Refine them to create materials!Research items to create more powerful versions! Create your own lightsaber or power armor!EXPLOREExplore randomly generated sub-levels and hand-crafted locations!Experience non-linear storytelling through logs and story sequences!Wander freely through Mars colony! Explore districts as you wish!Restore the colony’s habitat by repairing temperature and oxygen generators!Find clues to the infection! Escape the nightmare!There is free demo version of Subterrain! If you would like to see how the game plays, please try it! Setting: By 2050, humanity has finally colonized Mars thanks to the efforts of one man, Jeff Murray. To avoid Mars’ high radiation levels and inhospitable temperature changes, he built a city underground. This city was named Mars MPO. Free of the constraints that often plagued businesses and researchers on Earth, scientists and entrepreneurs flocked to MPO.Recently, Dr. Albert West has migrated to MPO at the personal invitation of Mr. Murray. West has been working on a cure for Alzheimer's disease in a race to save his wife, Jennifer, from dementia. His efforts are cut short; a lab accident leads to an accusation of murder and a prompt prison sentence.We join Dr. West a little over a year into his prison sentence. It’s been a week since the guards mysteriously vanished. Dr. West is about to find out why. b4d347fde0 Title: SubterrainGenre: IndieDeveloper:PixellorePublisher:PixelloreRelease Date: 21 Jan, 2016 Subterrain Pack subterranean homesick blues. subterrain ps4 review. subterrain pc gameplay. subterrain purification update. subterrain foam products. subterrain bleeding. sub terrain industrial. subterrain g2a. subterrain in english. subterranean tremors. subterrane cliffside destiny 2. subterrain murray mansion. subterrain aries district. subterranean termites vs drywood termites. subterrain download torent. subterrain achievements. subterrain in english. subterranean termites. subterrain update. subterrain underground construction. subterrain endings. subterrain ps4 review. subterrain cheat console. subterrain boss. subterrain mutant invasion. subterranean nightclub melbourne. subterrain game ps4. subterrain contest. subterranean warfare course. subterrain 3d printer. subterranean termite damage. subterrain nintendo switch. subterrain eva suit. subterrain power pack. subterranean termites treatment. subterrain meaning. subterrain version. subterrain pc. subterranean meaning in hindi. subterrain update. yellow subterrain. subterrain guide. subterrain game review. subterrain purification. subterrain lightweight layout system. subterrain boss. subterrain ne demek. subterrain turrets. subterrain technologies. subterranean catania. subterrain level 3 research. subterrain engineering software. subterrain pisces district What a fun little survival horror game, lots to see and do. Highly recommend!. Addictive and fun
Keri Jones