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iOS; Android
Navigate a submarine through a 2d world where you can find new abilities that will let you pass obstacles and lets you enter new areas. It's for iOS and Android and uses the different input possiblities of mobile devices.


Android and iOS. For every age and gender but mostly for adventurers.
There aren’t many mobile exclusive game with a story approach. Kind of sad, because you can reach a wide audience and use other controls than a standard game pad can offer.


The player dives as a creature formed out of life energy into the unknown depths of Submaaria. Born by an accident in a forgotten laboratory it doesn’t know what to do and where to go. With the power to shape metal parts into tools and weapons the creature seeks out to find its place.


Metroidvenia. Navigate a submarine through a 2d world where you can find new abilities that will let you pass obstacles and lets you enter new areas. 40% exploring, 30% combat, 30% puzzles.
Exploring. Discover a underwater steam punk city full with secrets, mysterious creatures and colossal bosses. Every area has a unique setting that tells a part of a meta story like an abandoned laboratory, a underwater graveyard or a shiny liquid that mutates creatures into monsters. There should be a lot of things in this world that you can’t understand in the first place but could be later interpreted with more information about this world.
Combat. A variety of combat skills can be combined with three different damage types. For example a rocket can be used neutral, with fire elemental or ice elemental damage.
The boss fights are often different from a classic combats. It's more like a master challenge of e certain skill; One time you have to dive as fast as you can to escape a huge drill worm and another time you have to reach the core inside a head of an ancient robot.
Challenges. The puzzles are mostly build around the abilities of the submarine, for example use the shield to change the direction of a laser. The design of a puzzle or riddle should be more like an escape room.
Further the game offers a lot of challenging game play; navigate in the pure dark, get from A to B in a certain time and more stuff like that.


Resources. There are two types of resources. Cogs let you craft new stuff and energy that lets you restore stamina to use your skills. Additionally energy will let you fast travel to a previously placed checkpoint but the further you fast travel the more it costs.
On death the player drops his cogs and looses all his energy then the player will berestored at the last checkpoint. The checkpoint dissapears and a new one has to be placed which costs energy that the player can't afford.
Skills. During the game the player can collect three slots with a different color where he can insert a certain skill. The color of the slot represents some type of energy (fire, water, air) that affects the inserted skill. The types of energy follow the rock, paper, scissors principle when it comes to damage and interaction.
For example if the player faces an area full of green sea monsters he has to drag a shoot skill into the green slot to be able to damage the green enemy by shooting projectiles.
The player can unlock up to three different each with their own use case; To enter special areas, to use farming skills of the vehicle, to move on the surface.


While the main vehicle uses the twin stick input the additional submarines could have a gyro, swipe or draw input.
Primary Vehicle
Dash - Swipe
  • Level 1 - Unlock: Dash
  • Level 2 - Dash does damage
  • Level 3 - Long dash enable. Hold to charge before swiping
Bomb - Tap
  • Level 1 - Unlock: By tapping on the screen the player drops a bomb
  • Level 2 - Bombs magnetically attracts enemies, health spawn.
  • Level 3 - Bomb stamina cost reduced
Gun - Joystick
  • Level 1 - Unlock: Shoot all directions 360°
  • Level 2 - Second projectile line
  • Level 3 - Third projectile line
Shield - Joystick
  • Level 1 - Unlock: 180° degree shield
  • Level 2 - Magnet function, laser, Lamp
  • Level 3 - Reflect Laser, Parry and return projectile when opening the shield perfectly
Drill - Joystick
  • Level 1 - Unlock: Drill
  • Level 2 - Glowing drill to see in the dark, no knockback on drill
  • Level 3 - Increased speed with drill
Secondary Vehicle
Gyro Sensor movement, smaller can go through gaps, lava resistant
Spinner - Pinch
  • Level 1 - Get a ball that spinns around the vehicle, distance can be changed by pinch
  • Level 2 - Get a second ball
  • Level 3 - Get a third ball
Laser - Touch
  • Level 1 - Tap some where to shoot a ball there
  • Level 2 - Tap again to shoot the second ball it will connect to the first ball with a laser beam
  • Level 3 - Tap again to shoot the third ball it will connect to the second ball with a laser beam
Shoot - Swipe
  • Level 1 - Shoot projectiles with a swipe in all directions 360°
  • Level 2 - Increase Range
  • Level 3 - Projectiles does explode
Supporter Tools - Touch, Pinch
  • Level 1 - Grapplin Hook to swim against streams
  • Level 2 - Light for spinners, collectible sphere
  • Level 3 - Enable “Revealer” press some where to see through walls
Magnetic - Drag
  • Level 1 - Can lift small stuff
  • Level 2 - Can lift medium stuff
  • Level 3 - Can lift heavy stuff


Inspired by moebius


  • Lean Tween - used simple tweening such as blinking renderer
  • PlayerPrefsX - to save arrays to the player pref
  • CharacterController2D - used for the character but now the games uses a modified version that doesn’t have much in common with its origin
  • Ferr2DTerrain - used for level creation (will be replaced with sprite shape)
  • Ultimate JoyStick - joystick
  • AndroidVibrationPlugin - android vibration when touching the screen
  • Dreamteck Splines - splines
Visual Placeholders from Asset Store
  • 2D Fantasy World - some placeholder textures
  • Wraped Caves - copied into textures
Nija Nikolic
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Supported Platforms
iOS; Android