Sub Settlement: Sector 2B
Updated a year ago
An advanced Rebellion under the oppression of an advanced City.
A Rebellion that grows under the corrupt and rich, have access to the technology of the oppressing rule through illegal contacts and are building a world under a world. Not to prepare for a revolution, but to sustain life after life above the surface will soon perish by the hands of the greedy and rich.
Hey everyone!
It took me some time to get an idea and I only recently heard of the Neon Challenge. So here is a very rough work in progress and a very brief look at the kind of idea I am going for.
This is, like I mentioned, a very rough work in progress and I cant wait to share the rest with you all, as and when I progress further.
Here is a little tease of the idea and the references that I have in mind and the combination I am going for.
Hopefully, combining these two should give me an awesome environment with a backstory, that fits in the Neon Challenge criteria.

Here is an Update on the environment build up!

Shaury Shettigar
Lead Game Artist - Artist