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The game is designed for children from 2 to 6 years, from the motor skills to the basics of preschool education.
The game is designed for children from 2 to 6 years, from the motor skills to the basics of preschool education.
The game is divided into several levels so you can choose the level at which your child will be comfortable for play.
In the game, all tasks and objects are fully announced! (More than 450+ phrases)
In the game "Study planet" there are such games as:
COLLECT THE FIGURES: develops fine motor skills, using bright shapes of different shapes and sizes
GUESS FIGURES: in the game the child will learn to recognize figures in shape and name
COLLECT THE PUZLE: the child learns a lot of objects, collecting more than 100+ puzzles of different categories. (For children of small age, at level 1, there is a simplified game of puzzles)
GUESS ANIMAL BY VOICE: a child learns to recognize animals by voice, and learns the name of the animal
GUESS COLOR: the child learns to recognize colors
MIX THE COLOURS: Learning to mix colors, teach the child what color it will be if you mix certain colors
FIND THE PICTURE: we teach the child to find objects by name (among all 100+ objects)
SOLVE LOGICAL PROBLEMS: the game develops the logic of the child, by solving simple logical problems
STUDY THE NUMBERS: the child learns the numbers, collects them in order, guesses which figure is greater or less, learns to add and subtract the numbers
LEARN ALPHABET: the child learns the alphabet by collecting puzzles, collecting words or answering game questions
ARITHMETICS ON APPLES: we teach arithmetic on apples, starting from the very foundations
ARITHMETICS ON NUMBERS: we study addition and subtraction for more advanced kids (all tasks and answers are fully voiced to make the child easier to understand and perform complex tasks)
LEARNING CLOCK: Teaches children to recognize how much time on the clock, both analog and digital. The child learns not only to recognize how much time is shown, but also learns different pronunciation of time, and minutes.
MEMORY DEVELOPMENT GAME: the child opens the pictures in pairs, develops memory and studies objects
GATHER WORDS BY LETTERS: learns the alphabet, learns to spell words.
For tasks completion, the child receives 20 unique awards.
Each award has 10 levels, gradually gathering in a beautiful picture, your achievements are demonstrated.
As the tasks are completed, the child earns the stars, they gradually fill the working area, turning into a pleasant background of the main menu.
The game has many different bright and cheerful melodies to make the game fun not only for the child, but for everyone around

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