Student Life
StudentRPG was the first group project I worked on at University. The game was made with Unity over the course of our semester. During the time of development we conducted meetings with the team, discussed roles and how we would source our artwork. Part of the brief we were given was the game had to be submitted to the Microsoft Imagine Cup, meaning we had to research into both the rules & regulations / judging criteria. When sourcing our assets we were tasked with sourcing them entirely from students at the University. While this was originally a challenging obstacle, I managed to find a talented artist capable of achieving the pixel art style we were aiming for in just a couple of days. Another member of our group found the composer and we were set. Meetings were conducted where we discussed goals / deadlines as well as explaining to the two new students working with us what exactly was needed from them. My role was lead programmer and I was tasked to create some of the core mechanics of the game. The most challenging of which was an object orientated text box framework using the new Unity 4.6 UI system. This was achieved using the following method: Raycasting in the facing direction => Obtain the tag of (if any) object(s) hit => Feed information to a script in the UI that would handle the and execute the respective function => Start the animation of the chat box background to pop up and enable the objects associated You can see how this works in more detail by viewing the source linked above. In addition to this, I worked on some unique events that occur such as stealing pizza from your flatmate and their angry selves appearing in the hallway, the character movement and the opening minigame. Throughout the entire process, playtesting was essential and required for me to conduct a minimum of 4 sessions and each with 4 testers, through this I was able to fix a wide range of bugs, produce changelogs and improve user satisfactions throughout testing. For more information on changelogs see the links above.
Liam Sorta
Founder @GameDevNetwork - Programmer