Stream of Counciousness – Gameplay Analysis
Published a year ago
Analysis of a serious game prototype
What is a Serious Game?
Generally serious game are formative tools and ideally the serious aspects of the game and the ludos experience are balanced during the interaction with the player. The focus is on creating an effective and enjoyable training experience, while genre, technology, support, and audience vary. It’s difficult to declare what is a serious game because it is often the use of the player itself that determines the formative aspect.


Stream of consciousness is a game that talk about Empathy and Apathy and their correlation. There are few elements in the game called “Emotions” that can be drown or associated to a memories. Balancing the emotions will let the player stay in a stable state, instead, choking too many emotions or leaving too many of them in the “Human acquarium” will drive the player to opposite but correlated chaos states (Empathy and Apathy).
Game Elements


Joy: It got no behaviour
Anger: if it collide with a Joy i twill destruct it and charge 1. After 3 charge Anger will become Fear.
Sadness: After a cooldown a Sadness will spawn another one. The one that spawned can spawn another one sadness, the one that spawned can’t anymore.
Fear: It got no behaviour
Apathy: Can’t be moved. Can’t be drowned. Can’t be associated.

Human pool:

It’s the recipient of the emotions. There’s some water in the bottom. The water will communicate the state of the human being to the player. Every emotion that will be choked will make the water more agitated, every emotion associated will calm the water and bring back players to a normal state.

Emotion Log:

It’s the top central panel. Here will be displayed all the emotion that will spawn in the pool.

Memories log:

It’s the right central panel. Here will be displayed a story that a player can use to associate emotions. One the emotions required from the story are associated another part of the story will be displayed.

Game Mechanics

Left Mouse Click: Choke Emotion  An emotion chocked will disappear from the acquarium and will not interact with the other emotions in game.
Right Mouse Click: Associate Emotion  To not choke all the emotion players can associate them to some memories that will be written in the right panel of the game. Associate the emotions will not cause the player to suffer from chocking them and will mantain a stable state of the acquarium.


The real goal of the game is to inform and teach players that there must be a control to our emotions, that emotions needs to be understood and also their behaviour and correlation to other emotions to reach the balance that we need to be human being. Too many emotions can lead us to a totally chaotic state where the emotions will control us (Anger, Joy, Fear, Sadness) and will change our way to live our lives without have control. Choking too many emotions will have an opposite result but correlated to the first one: when a human being starts to choke all the emotions that feel (a kind of Self-defense mechanism) there’s the possibility that a person isolate himself from the rest of the world that’s around him/her. If this behavior becomes habitual, the subject may begin to no longer recognize his emotions making him unable to interact with others and with himself. Once they have become apathetic the chances of going back are very low.
Loris Carletti
Game Designer | Owner @ NoFoxGiven - Designer