Strange crashes - Utf16ToUtf8?
Application crash sometimes without any reason on random devices? You see an error with Utf16ToUtf8 string, but you don't even use such a method. Scared? Rather excited! This is what we had to do for awesome EliasSoftware! They product started to crash a long time after release. There was no clue what situation cause it. We had know that there is a problem with connection between C# Unity part and C++ music engine.After a research with a great man from EliasSoftware we figured out that the problem occurs because of StringBuilder marshalling in il2cpp. There was no option to fix that, so we've made a workaround and throw out all StringBuilders from „glue layer”. We added correct memory management and encoding strings from C++ UTF8 to C# String, refactored a few methods and class to make sure that we changed only things „inside” and there is no change in using elias’ product for users. Great cooperation and so much of experience! Greetings for guys from EliasSoftware!
Wait... Did we missed something? With what did we replaced StringBuilder?! Ask us, we're ready to chat with you!
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Jacek Krzykwa
Unity Certified Developer, Project Manager - Executive
Maciej Krzykwa
Certified Unity developer - Programmer