STORYTELLER (Visual Storytelling)
Storyteller is a storytelling and storyboarding application which allows anyone writing stories or storyboarding ;to tell linier and non-linier stories, visually by giving you the ability to see the past present and future of a story simultaneously and make changes at will without breaking the flow of your story. This of course being a way of writing which is not possible in linier text based documents.
From dialogue, telltale game plots, linear stories, non linear stories to storyboarding, entire game flow documentation, you can do them all with Storyteller.
-Storyteller supports, text, audio, picture and voice recording for voiceover. At any time during the development process you can share the content you have created.
-Storyteller allows for users to create stories and scenarios with twists and turns as deep as one would like without losing track of the flow of their story.
-Storyteller allows for the switching of entire blocks of story at any time during the story writing process.
-The node based story and storyboarding system makes it extremely easy to change any part of a story without breaking the entire story even after the entire story has been completed.
-Storytellers complete online version will allows for communication and collaboration of team members in a single story or storyboard project regardless of geographical location.
-Storyteller allows for the real time timing of even the most minute action and events in a story or storyboard. This makes planning cutscene content several times easier.
-Storyteller allows users to not only add text and images to every frame of story but also to add voice and audio.
-Interactive story: explore dialogue and play any part of your story or storyboard to test your story flow and easily make changes if necessary.
-birds-eye view: giving you to ability to easily see the past, present and future of your written stories and connect past events to present and future events. This is not an easy task to accomplish n static word based stories and storyboards.
-Select and / or isolate characters and watch their interactions with each other on on their own in any scene.