Published 2 years ago
Animated film creation in augmented reality
This project was the idea which created Spooklight studios. In this application, you take a real image as the support for the augmented reality. Then, you can use a complete 3D library with characters, decors, props, music, image filters in order to give a real ambiance to your movie. You can make your characters act, then record a movie to share it with the community or your friends. Storyfab successfully complete a Kickstarter campaign!

When the studio has been founded, I was the only developer. I had to learn how to merge the new technologies together to record films in augmented reality. By being the most educated with Unity in our team, I also take in charge the pipeline of assets integration. In addition, I have worked on all aspect of the product :

UI: All UIs were designed by our art director. I have integrated them and animated them for every menu and interactions.

Gameplay: To film a video, the application uses a timeline. I created a complete time manager that allow the user to go back on time to an exact frame. All informations are saved : positions, rotations, animations, objects, states.

Core: The challenge was to use a AR technology with a video recording one in order to merge film parts. The first version of Storyfab is reliant on the AR solution. The avatar window show a complete problematic of the application : everything have to be customizable. I have created a character manager that can be expanded in the future with new features.

Tool: To help the artistic team of the studio to integrate assets more easily, I developed several tools to facilitate their works. For example, one tool is specialized to create staging for the several themes we have.
Game / Tool developper - Programmer