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Android; iOS
All-new realistic hardcore action!
[Game introduction]
This mobile game brings the same fun you've had with console action games. It may be hard to fight against your opponents, but you'll eventually get used to it with many challenges, and you'll have even more fun with these efforts. Become the nameless Gladiator who lost his memories, and experience the ultimate fight to find your lost past!
[New features of Stormborn 2]
■ Monster AIs with different features Every opponent has different attack patterns and features. You'll have better chance to win by finding out their attack patterns and analyzing their features to know the strengths and weaknesses.
■ A variety of weapons and character looks You can acquire a variety of weapons and character looks to wear.
■ Challenge Mode for some extreme challenge In this mode you continuously challenge opponents. You'll receive a lot of points and rewards if you know each of their patterns and fight back correctly.

[Game Features]
■ 1-on-1 hardcore battle action Have fun controlling the 3-way attack and defense! Thrill at successful counter-attacks and dodges that requires perfect timing! Feel the extreme tension with manual controls and no autopilot!
■ High-quality resolution enabled for low-spec and low-capacity 90MB is enough to enjoy the high-resolution graphics like you've never experienced. Enjoy the high-quality graphics on low-spec devices with no loss of resolution.
Influsion Inc.
Game Languages
Chinese, Traditional; Chinese, Simplified; English; Japanese; Korean; Portuguese, Brazil; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS