Stoneamber Village
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Android; iOS
Stoneamber Village is a fantasy RPG for mobile devices. The story starts as the player (Kira) encounters a group of chaos monsters who threaten the peace in Stoneamber Village and surroundings.
Stoneamber is a non-commercial project, at least initially. The aim is to bootstrap a game using free tools and assets, which we can use as the basis for potential further funding for paid assets.
Pictured above is an implementation of the wireframe view of the game's UI - without graphics for the moment ;-)
Here are some notes on the UI, including some details about stats and abilities:
Attack & Armour
Attack & Armour represent a minimal version of equipment and weapon management. As players open chests, kill mobs & bosses etc, they can pick up equipment and weapon upgrades that add to their attack and armour stats.
Picture a player opening a chest and up pops a yellow +7 (+attack) and a blue +5 (+armour). They’ve just picked up attack and armour upgrades.
Player Abilities
When the player attacks an enemy, by default they’ll go into auto-attack mode.
If they press their heavy attack button, they’ll do an attack which does more damage. This button will grey out for 6 seconds.
The player’s ultimate does even more damage, and becomes available after 10 successful auto-attacks.
Gold is used to buy buffs, potions and so on from stores in towns.
Quickslots (QS 1 - 4):
These are onscreen inventory items, which are all usable like potions, food, scrolls, for example:
  • Health potion: instantly restores the player to full health
  • Food: +attack buff for 30 minutes
  • Fireball scroll: big damage in a radius to enemies
Kate Shaw
Storyteller - Writer
Jim Perry
Owner/Developer - Owner
Bogdan Posmityuh
Independent developer - Programmer
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS
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Some good work is going on here. It's getting better by the minute :)
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