Escape from Stilt City
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Escape from Stilt City A Futuristic Island

Final Take

I am not going to add any more to this project. I now realise that I have a lot to learn when I see the result of the fellow members. It was fun making the scene and I am looking forward to viewing all the entries so I can learn from this experience. The final scene could do with a lot more work - added a final explosion to finish with. Many thanks for the opportunity.

Second Take

2- 18 - Added more action and scenery
Added a simple scene and animation for the heroine escapee. Still struggling with the timeline animation but am starting to get to grips with it. Wish I has started this project earlier now... Added some bloom and a dirty lens flare.
Here is a clip of how I managed to get the girl into the air - by replacing the grounded girl with another attached to the drone. Although the animation is not yet showing on the video

First Take

Days 4-11 - Battled with the animations and the timeline

Ok - I have to admit to never using the timeline before - so this is a steep learning curve! Not happy with the result so far but getting there!

Day 3 - added a road and a car with sand trail.

This was from the asset store. Car Dust trails 1.0 by Rivermill Studios.
For the Main Character I am using one of the bodyguards - a free asset on the unity store. Also the free mocap from unity store.

I wanted to do a futurist island and found this wonderful render:
Not sure who the artist is but think it depicts a futuristic Rio de Janerio. It resembles the Tracey Island of Thunderbirds and so I am basing the concept around this future - hence the name - Stilt City.


Day 1 - Initial render

Using the fabulous Map Magic - adjusted the setting to produce large mountains out of the water.
The water is by AQUAS - lite a free asset from the assert store. Added the sand by adjusting the Map Magic settings.

Day 2 - Adding some free assets

some sci fi cities downloaded from Free3d and a dolly to track the camera

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