Stereoscopic Image Viewer for Windows Mixed Reality Headsets
Windows 10 despite all its night mares with upgrades presented a below standard VR framework with the implementation of the Cliffhouse in the Mixed Reality Portal application. Can you believe that fundamental basic viewing tools for 3D images were completely absent. This shortage of functionality gave rise to my desire to develop a VR package within Unity that could display stereoscopic and pseudo stereoscopic images from photographs on a Windows Mixed Reality Headset.
My concept project evolved to include mini panoramas as such image capture was available on most mobile devices making it fairly easy for the public to create content without the need for more expensive 360 degree cameras. I am quiet pleased with the ability to take a single photo and transform it into a pseudo 3D viewing experience close to high quality stereoscopic imagery. This project still needs to be published on the Asset store once i resolve the publishing issues with two other packages.