Steps & Dragons
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iOS; Android
The psychic duel of deception! Trick your friend into devious traps. Use clues to choose the best steps. Race to the top, discover hidden dragons, and be the first to find the magical scroll in this mystical land of monks!
Do you know your friends well enough ? Find out in a game of Steps & Dragons!
In Steps & Dragons, two players race in a turn based format from the opposite ends of a shrine to its center in order to find a hidden scroll. The paths to the center are teeming with helpful and dangerous dragons. While you can see the dragons on your opponent's path, you have no clue where the dragons are hiding in your path.
Each turn is made up of two parts : Move & Suggest
Move: You choose to move to any of the next 3 steps . The suggestion from the opponent, gives you a certain clue regarding the dragons (kinda like minesweeper)
Suggest: You can suggest a step to your opponent. On the suggested step, a clue forms which reveals how many dragons are hiding in and around the step. Just the number of dragons is revealed, their positions are not . You can also place power spells via cards while giving a suggestion.
Dastan Games
Abhineet Prasad
Indie Game Developer - Owner
Siddharth Sivaraman
Game Developer - Programmer
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android