Published 9 months ago
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Android; iOS
STELLORE is a game where Infinite Runner meets Asteroid Mining! The game was made in Unity with most of the programming being done using Playmaker (visual scripting). Additional programs used were Maya, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
The concept is inspired by classic arcade space games such as “Asteroid” and “Sinistar” and by 1950s and 60s era space age retro-futurism. I wanted to become more self-reliant with my game development endeavors so I challenged myself to work on as much of this game as possible by myself. In the end I created everything except the sound design and music.
I started the project in late October 2018 (Oct. 28th to be exact but hey who’s counting?) and have recently released (12.20.18) an open access beta for it on the Google Play store, so if you want to play it and have an android device, please go check it out!
Warren Lindsey
3D Artist - Environment Focus - Artist
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS
Renush raath
3 months ago
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