Steamy Tales from Mt Gasmore
What secrets hide in the steamy stinks of Mt. Gasmore?
Steamy Tales from Mt Gasmore was created at the Ohio State University's Advanced Computing Center for Art and Design in Alex Oliszewski and Vita Berezina-Blackburn's VR Storytelling Class. The project was designed and produced collaboratively. My primary role was programmer, but I also created 3D models, animated characters (hand, procedural, and motion capture), and illustrated concept sketches.
The tower's dumbwaiter elevator is interactive, allowing the player to move through the scenes without needing a lot of physical play space.
The animations for Bob the researcher (left) and her assistant Darla (right) were motion captured using a Vicon mocap system, edited in Maya, and run on Unity's Mecanim system by an operator during the experience.
Captain McDougal was animated by a live motion captured actor using a Vicon mocap system sent to Unity through Vicon's Pegasus application. The live actor also had a wireless mic that they used to voice act McDougal. The audio was spatialized, filtered, and adjusted based on the player's orientation to McDougal's audio source.
John Luna
Application Developer - Designer