Steampirates: Rin's Story
Published 2 years ago
In development
Android; iOS
Steampirates: Rin’s Story is a pirate manager game with JRPG and dating sim elements for iOS and Android.
Player takes a role of the main adviser and strategist of Rin Breaker to secure her greatness and help her to change the World into a better place.
  • There are several fields in which Steampirates develop, that vary from combat to social economy;
  • Every day new events happen;
  • Your actions will have consequences, but not necessarily right away;
  • Any hired recruit can initiate an event or get involved in the ongoing events;
  • Ability to develop friendly, romantic, or hostile relationships with other characters;
  • Crafting, that lets you create your perfect weapon;
  • Tactical turn-based battles, which you can win by both leveling up, or using intelligent strategy;
  • Ability to change the course of the fight with diplomacy.
The game is still in the early phase of development, but we wanted to start getting feedback on our game’s various aspects as soon as possible so that we can find bugs and improve our features, that's why we already started closed testing .
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Game Languages
English; Russian
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS