Stealth Heist
Images in Corresponding Order by Entry -- 26/02/18 to 04/03/18 - This project will entail the creation of a 'complex' stealth game that uses its environment and NPCs to make the player react to certain situations. This will all be designed through the planning stage of the project. Its artificial intelligence design will be the main focus, making its design seem lifelike to the player. The development stage will involve the use of appropriate planning for level designs, which follow genre expediencies and artificial intelligence tutorials, to aid in the complex creation.
05/03/18 to 11/03/18 - This week has involved the creation of an outline for the game's planning documentation document, and the game's main menu functionality and character movement. Using the animation controllers and provided animations, gave me the incentive to make Annie seem life-like by allowing her to choose which idle animations to perform, when standing (waiting) on the main menu. On play the player will see Annie look behind her, the run the other way, with a guard chasing her from behind. Purely for consumer entertainment. On quit she will die! After finding some character assets from Unity, I decided to call the game Annie's stealth heist, after a female character asset was chosen. I then decided that Annie, would be a master with using different gadgets and other tools to aid in her chance to 'stealthy' steal artefacts within a level. The story consists of the protagonist and player's character Annie, silently collecting gems for her brother Philip, in order to fix the ship that they crashed during their trip back to the future. The enemies guarding said gems will be guards in suits. Some with weapons, some in groups and some allowing the player to easily exploit their awareness. Scripts for main menu will hopefully be completed with all bugs fixed next week, they will be shown on next weeks screenshot.
12/03/18 to 18/03/18 - The majority of hours spent this week, were to amend the algorithm of Annie's main menu script, as the co-routines were causing Annie to be unable to turn and to perform animations in time with the other guard. However, this week I managed to create Annie's third person controller script with the aid of an online tutorial provided by Sebastian Lague. Although the scripts algorithm is very similar to Lague's, I did ensure that the script would be slightly different to avoid me copying the tutorial entirely, and adding onto it with a crouch command. The only issue I had was with the player's camera movement, as the x and y axis on mouse movement were going into reverse direction, even with Unity's default Input settings. However, both features were improved and fixed, and now Annie can move, follow camera, perform different animations and smoothly change between them using a blend tree, depending on her current speed. Lower right of image shows that player can adjust camera angles, and zoom in and out with mouse.
19/03/18 to 25/03/18 - With the added crouch command into the third person controller, it's transition proved difficulty once the player stops moving, while holding the crouch command; ctrl. After spending too long trying to solve the issue, I will leave this feature on the backseat to make sure I prioritise appropriately, to ensure the project is completed to its best self. My planning documentation contains all completed an un-completed bugs, to fix and manage when needed. My next priorities now align with, the level design. At this point, it's still undecided if the game will have multiple levels, at the moment I want to get the functionality completed before the cosmetic improvements. To begin I went ahead an implemented one of the guard's paths, which will allow me to set different paths for future embedded guards in the level. At the moment the guards perform sharp turns, so I need to get them to move more life-like. I attempted to create a distance from the next way-point, and have the guard move onto the next one for a smooth (45 degree angle) turn. Unfortunately, this didn't work as intended. And so the guard moves with a very narrow tunnel-like vision mindset. It still looks good though. I've also set up the guards animation controller, using the animations provided by the asset's creator. Creating Gizmos allows me to see a visual of the guards tendencies, the green cubes are way-points, the yellow line is the path between way-points and loops in a circle. The guard at of now has a cone-like vision and a radius to detect the player within. If Annie is spotted the guard will run towards Annie. Next, I need to add a death sequence and add idle guard behaviours. Thankfully, I can use the patrolling guard animation controller for idle guards.
26/03/18 to 01/04/18 - This week I focused upon the behaviour of the guard, enabling them to go back to their beginning state if losing sight of Annie. A lot of time was spent fixing the guard's idle state, as the animations were competing with each other's run-time. I mean.. just look at how confusing the controller can look at first glance! If the smallest mistake happens with a Boolean, the whole thing doesn't work. I had to make continuous saves in case this happened. Yes, this may have taken me longer than needed, but the end result was worth it for life-like artificial intelligence behaviours. On the left of the image are the bools I use to control the sequence and variety of animations through code.
02/04/18 to 08/04/18 - This week I managed to get the guard to turn towards the player, and chase after Annie. If the guard gets too close, the guard will shoot Annie, player will die and be unable to move. If Annie currently hides behind an obstacle, the guard will stop looking for her position, and go back to their default patrol or idle state.
09/04/18 to 15/04/18 - Today, I decided to add a hearing radius for the guard's human-like senses. If Annie runs too near the guard, he will attack. If Annie sneaks, she is undetected! I had a few issues with animations overlapping each other, and so this took huge amounts of time for a simple feature. I have finally made the game's level design, and have keyed everything accordingly. My next task is to build it in Unity!
16/04/18 to 22/04/18 - Here is the level built as intended. Time was spent mostly by adjusting the heights for the tunnels entrances and half walls for Annie to be able to hide behind. As the crouching animation was made too tall, the 'half-walls' are more higher than I would've liked. However, the level design is intended to be a puzzle itself, as the player must work out how to get around to each artefact and the exit portal. The player can't just walk from point A to point B, they have to think about it. My fear is that if someone does play this, are they able to figure it out? We'll see. The white cubes in the sky are added for aesthetic purposes, the inspiration was taken from the Mirror's Edge DLC map levels from 2009. I liked the art style.
23/04/18 to 29/04/18 - This week I added a kill guard function so Annie can kick some butt! When Annie kills a guard the other guards will not be notified. Tripwires have also been added to the level so that if Annie steps on one without deactivating the alarm will trigger and any guards within it's radius will run towards the sound source. The tripwires have been made purposely to be hard to spot, so the player must always be moving around the map with caution. The yellow wire sphere represents the deactivation radius and the red is the radius, which the guard must be within to hear its trigger.
30/04/18 to 06/05/18 - This week had a lot of progress made as it's near to the project deadline (17th May). All guards have been placed; idle and patrolling guards for variety. A random artefact script was created to make the play through different each time for the player as they're is currently only one map to explore. My attempt is to make the map never get tedious to the player and that there is always a new secret to discover. Point pickups have been added which float up and down with pretty particles collected and referenced from the asset store. The points go towards high-score and the artefacts are collected to unlock the end portal. The portal will be red if locked and then blue if all artefacts are collected. An end screen scene has also been added, with a cool little scene of Annie jumping into a rocket and teleported by the portal for a classic heist escape! When Annie goes through tunnels, she will automatically crouch to avoid her head from clipping into the surface over her head.
07/05/18 to 13/05/18 - This week has focused on the implementation of audio and the animations Boolean control of the idle guards. As for some reason once I changed a behaviour (line of code) for the patrol, it would affect the idle guards and vice versa. Annie now has a voice and adds more immersion for the player's experience.
Aaron Alexander Wilson
Mr - Designer