Stations - Escape to the City
Published a year ago
About the project
Hello, I'm Tamás Sipos. I'm a student at university and I'm working on a thesis which will be a scifi themed game. For this challenge I made a new scene from my assets and I made some new environment elements and particle effects. Unfortunately, the Unity recorder doesn't work in my project and I can't reach good quality with bandicam. I'm very sorry for this...

3D models

I use SketchUp for 3D modeling and SketchUV plugin for creating UV maps.
The free textures and PBR materials : Unity asset store,,


I use 20X20 meters elements in the game and I want to move these elements in the final game. So I have to use prefabs. Each elements contains a base lightmap element and the others get the lightmap copy from the base. An array stores the different lightmaps.

Baked and realtime lights

I use baked and realtime lights in mixed mode. For optimization I use Occlusion Culling. The lightmap settings:


The camera movement made by tutorial:
Fading screen: I use a simple black colored image and setting its alpha value.
Volumetric lighting: I made it based on Brackeys tutorial video:

Post-Processing effects:

The bloom intensity value is solid.
Music and sounds: Unity Asset Store and GDC Game Audio Bundle sound packs
Time Costs:
3D modeling, UV mapping, create and search materials, building the scene, programming and particle effects: few week
Cinemachine and Post-processing Effects: 2-3 days
Assets: Cinematic Loops Free Pack!/content/16971
Post Processing Stack!/content/83912

Sipos Tamás
S_gaming - Student