Starship Sim
Published a year ago
In development
Windows; Android
An Artemis starship bridge simulator inspired project
***This project is on hold until funding can be found for it. I don’t have the resources to complete a project of this scale on my own***
After playing Artemis starship bridge simulator followed by Empty Epsilon. I thought that the idea of using multiple monitors and devices (smart phones and tablets) to simulate a starship bridge is a great idea. However, the actual game play leaves a lot to be desired. This project is an attempt to redesign the whole concept while creating a game that is fun to play with a lot of the features present in modern games. For example:
  • An Avatar for Each Officer
  • Inventory for Officers and cargo hold for ships and stations.
  • Ability to Purchase Better Ships at Some Stations (using in-game currency).
  • Officer Stats
  • Upgradable Ship Components (weapon systems, shield systems, sensors, cargo holds, and more)
  • The navigation and weapon controls will use touch screen control pads on connected cell phones or tablets.
Everything in the screen shots work. There is also a server selection screen, and server manager screen (not shown). It creates a server with options and saves it to file. Clients see a list of servers (network discovery) to connect too. once connected to the server it asks for login information (shown). Also, the server has a user manager screen to add, remove, and edit users. (shown). all this works, and the login screen will show Access denied/granted messages. It also allows the user to enter a new password for the first time. The client is designed to work on PC and Android. The server is PC only (androids get hot running the server).
P.S. Don't look directly at the programmer art.
To Prospective Employers:
This project is where I taught myself how to use Unity’s networking system. So, I felt it was important to include. In this project I learned how to use: Network Transforms, Network IDs, Network Discovery, Command, ClientRpc calls, and more. With my CCNA background this part was not that hard to learn. I already know how data is transported over networks through Ethernet, TCP/IP, and other routing protocols thus I found Unity’s networking system to be vary usable.
I hope this project can help you see that I am fully capable of working with Unity’s networking system and able to use most of Unity 3d’s other capability’s.

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Windows; Android