Stare of the Abyss: The Labyrinth Trial
Published a year ago
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Under the stare of the Abyss, you'll guide a lone wanderer through a labyrinth trial.
Lead with all of your guidance to pass through these long and twisted corridors.
Fall Into this dark place of solitude where the Abyss reigns.
You are the only one capable of finding the path and solving puzzles in depths of this labyrinth.
Find out all the rules of the Abyss and help wanderer to find the one way.
This is my first mobile game!
It is a 3D single-player adventure with puzzle-solving and escape the labyrinth concepts plus some twist on gameplay while the main character is chained.
The main goal was to create something unique under a deep atmosphere and memorable story. No ads, no in-app purchases - just pure game experience. Do not forget to turn on the sound, because music is also part of the adventure.
Right now it is Android only.
It was finished just in a couple of months, by one person with some help in the art direction.
I still have plans on updating it with some small piece of content that was not implemented until the deadline. Hope on giving it out soon!
Indie Develper - Programmer
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