Published 2 years ago
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Windows; Mac
Caught in the middle of a winner-take-all battle between the tightening first of the Imperium of the First Star and the twisted anarchy of the Rebellion of the Far Worlds, three outlaws find themselves on nobody's side. Nick, Chris, and Ariel blast off aboard an experimental ship known as the StarCaster into a galaxy of danger and adventure in this classic-style space opera RPG!

The long and short of it is that this is a classic JRPG following a sort of Robin Hood story in space. Think Final Fantasy meets Outlaw Star and you'll have an idea what we're aiming at... although maybe in some sense it's more apt to compare it to a meeting of Phantasy Star on the Sega Genesis with The Fast and the Furious. There's a range of anime and RPG influences behind it, but one way or another it's a kind of high-tech, low-life space adventure full of mysteries and daring capers that we've always wanted to play but never gotten to, built in a traditional JRPG format with a few unique twists to get the user into the "sufficiently advanced" setting.
Michael Prinke
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Windows; Mac