Star Wars Retribution
Updated 13 days ago
In development
Android; iOS
This is a Star Wars game for android and IOS! It's based on the Star Wars Roque Squadron serie. It's going to be free to play! (It's still in development)
In this Star Wars game you will play as the rebellion to fight against the empire in epic/huge space and aerial battles!
It's going to be completely free! And the game will have regular content updates! At launch there will be 5 maps to play on and there will be more added after launch.
Development Update 3: -Performance optimization -Visual improvements -Map improvements -Gameplay improvements -Added audio
Release date: 8 July 2019
Development roadmap: Update 1: One new map. Update 2: Play as the empire! Update 3: One new map. Update 4: New missions
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Android; iOS