Star Valor - Preview
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Explore a vast galaxy on this action RPG. Star Valor is a classic space trading simulator, with the usual goal of upgrading your spaceship. You'll have many different options to earn the credits or parts you'll need. Besides the usual questing, hunting, and trading this title will also allow you to mine asteroids, scavenge components, and even craft your own weapons.

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We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did.
Star Valor is still in early access, some elements are still under development. Regardless, the game is already pretty fun. It's easy to get lost on those space explorations, although, I will admit some biased considering the theme. This preview will cover my experience after playing the Steam early access.
Price: 10.99
Size: 600mb
Genre: Action RPG
Developed by: Rafael Burgos
Reviewed on PC.
Download link: Steam.


Star Valor is a bit lacking in terms of story, it focuses on action and RPG features. There's a short tutorial story that will guide you through the basics. You and a buddy are doing some gigs when you run into a very sought after piece of tech. After barely making it to safety, your buddy presents you with a few options.
You can go independent, get a factionless ship and some cash; Go with the traders for a trading vessel and good reputation with the Syndicate; Or give it to the miners, in for a mining ship and good reputation with them. After that, your buddy will escort while you get up to speed. Then, it's your call.


One of the best parts in any space RPG is the customization of your ship. In Star Valor you'll have a wide range of options, you can choose your weapons, equipment and even buy different ships. Bigger ships will mean more space for equipment and weapons. At first, controls might seem sluggish. I recommend adding a gyroscope to your ship as soon as possible, especially if your hunting pirates.
There is a vast galaxy for you to explore, You can navigate it using Jumpgates or a warp drive. You'll find space stations belonging to different factions, keep an eye on your reputation, they might become hostile. In my opinion, the quests can get a little repetitive. Hopefully, this will change by the full release. That hardly means you'll find yourself without stuff to do, especially once your ship is strong enough to start taking on Bosses.


Even though Star Valor uses 2D top-down gameplay it's 3D graphics and complex lightning really complement the futuristic feeling of the game. My favorite part is the detailed space stations.
Another great thing about Star Valor graphics is the weapon effects. Everything from the lasers to the missiles explosions is pretty cool to watch. Even the energy shields are carefully designed.


Star Valor is a highly addictive space trader game. Get ready for a ton of exploration, scavenging, and combat. You'll have a high level of ship customization, chose the best weapons and equipment to become the best captain in the galaxy.
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