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About This ContentSpace is home to a multitude of epic events and cosmic phenomena. Even the mightiest of starships seem insignificant in the face of Supernovas, Black Holes and Comets.Events are a new type of card for your Trade Deck. Each Event card has a potentially game changing effect as soon as the card enters the Trade Row. After it has its effect, it immediately gets replaced with the next card in the Trade Deck.This expansion contains 12 cards: 1 Black Hole, 1 Bombardment, 2 Comets, 1 Galactic Summit, 2 Quasar, 1 Supernova, 2 Trade Missions and 2 Warp Jumps. Use these cards in online play, versus the AI or a friend, or in the 6th chapter of the campaign. b4d347fde0 Title: Star Realms - EventsGenre: StrategyDeveloper:White Wizard GamesRelease Date: 8 Mar, 2016 Star Realms - Events Password Adds randomness, which is not a great thing. I find them mostly irritating. I actually play with this DLC turned off, despite owning it. Not recommended.. I have a love/hate relationship with Events. If there was a Neutral rating I'd give it that. They are genuininely interesting and can spice up the standard play format quite a bit.But the big problem is that they have a tendency to become a cascading monstrosity. I've often seen turns where a player will reveal six or even EIGHT of these things in ONE TURN, changing a regular hum-drum turn into some obscene monster where the player gets 16 trade and deals 30 damage, mostly because of events. There's no control or regularity, and no preventing this kind of nonsense.Like Gambits, it can also be problematic when they show up early ... if the starting player gets Trade Mission and 3 scouts right at the start, this allows them to grab a Megahauler, Ark or similar game-breaker right on the first turn.In the physical card game there are probably house rules to work around this kind of thing (and some of the campaign missions handle these better than standard play, I think) but you're stuck with standard format using these in multiplayer.
Lisa Harris