Stadmitte in VR Mobile
VR depiction of Berlin subway station "Stadtmitte" on Samsung Gear VR, built for the "Long Night of the Sciences 2016"
In a couple of weeks leading up to 2016’s “Long night of the sciences” in Berlin, VRagments and I created a mobile-ready version of U6/U2 station “Stadtmitte”. This project was later on display at the booth of Berlin’s Technologiestiftung, who also financed the project. In order to hit our target platform (Samsung Gear), a lot of work went into optimizing – large atlas textures, channel packed maps, no realtime lighting, modularity, tinting with vertex colors etc – in the end, we still managed to pull off PBR lighting. The exhibit, open to the public, was deemed a full success and even earned us a little airtime on Berlin’s local tv network.
Jens Brandenburg
3D Artist - Artist