SR17 / Short in progress
SR17 is a personal short film projet. My aim is to render realtime everything directly inside Unity. I'm taking advantage of substance painter & source links, FBX & Alembic export/import and FFMpeg.
SR17 / Genesis
Earth, 2075. Famine and wars have consumed the planet. A deadly virus, only conveyed by children, has decimated 1/3 of its inhabitants. As a result, it was forbidden to give birth, punishable by death... These were replaced by hybrid babies. Their future parents could choose all the characteristics, if their bank account was big enough... 3 consortiums "The Black Guild", share power and keep their stranglehold on humans, thanks to the hybrid children market. But one day, a woman gives birth in secret to an healthy girl with no traces of the virus... A disaster for the Guild.. A renewed hope for the world. An ancient warrior society, called Chimeras, will help protect this new-born and transform the future of our planet.
They are only women, who pledge allegiance to the goddess Araxx. During the rite of passage, in addition to a cpu transplantation, they plunge into the "abyss" and come out covered with pearly skin forever devoid of their human appearence.
Emmanuel Hourquet
Designer / Motion artist / indie dev. - Designer