Squash Wars: Multiplayer
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A multiplayer platformer game based on retro design.


Squash Wars is a multiplayer game which supports a total of 4 players. You control a character in the game which can jump across various platforms with the aim of squashing out other players. There are also special powerups available in the game which can be used to kill the opponents.


The game uses the concept of 90's retro games like the insanely popular Mario Bros. The game can be played in two Game Modes, namely Classic and Assault. A total of 15 maps are available to play at. 5+ custom skins and more than 10+ unique powerups are available in the game. The game uses the recently released Unet Networking system for multiplayer support.


Being from CS background, I was always fascinated by how were video games actually made. On December 2016, I came across Unity game engine and then began experimenting on it. I basically practiced making prototypes of popular games for half an year. Then I felt confident that now I can create something on my own. The idea for this game came from the insanely popular PC game known as SMW (Super Mario War) which used local multiplayer concept using a single keyboard. But now as mobile devices were much smaller in size therefore the project needed to be multiplayer if it was to be brought to mobile. On June, I started making this game, Squash Wars, after collecting all the possible open source assets from the internet. Many great websites like,, made the creation of this game possible. On early November I started the Beta testing of my game and made changes to it according to the reviews of my friends. Finally I released the game on Google Play Store on 2nd January 2018.
You can try the game out. Believe me, it will be worth it.
Rahul Bisht
Indie Game Developer - Programmer
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