Square Wave
Square Wave is a real-time logic simulator.
Square Wave is a real-time logic simulator, designed for help in studying boolean logic and electronics. This is full-featured logic circuit simulator with a big variety of electronic components - from basic logic gates and flip flops to chips, signal visualization/analyse devices, output devices etc. You can just deploy and start using it. Square Wave consists of two main parts - a logic simulator, and closely integrated help system. Each element has reference materials in the special SWD document format and includes text description, circuit drawings, truth tables or even attached circuits, which can be loaded directly into simulator for detailed examination. Truth table builder The simulator has a built-in truth table builder. Just enter a equation and press "Build table". Other features - Select and work with multiple object - Undo support - Integrated help system - Truth table generator - Create screenshots with watermark - Many built-in components
Stephen Barker
Programmer - Programmer