Square Panda Bowling
An educational app that teaches kids spelling, reading, and vocabulary! Uses a special device called a Phonics Playset to play. Roll the coconut to knock down the Roc-Roks who are hiding the letters for your word. Grab the plastic letters and place them on your Playset to spell the hidden word! My main contribution to this project, as a former employee of The Studio of Secret6, is applying heuristics to the curriculum and lessons of this game. Lessons are generated; scores are tallied. The game will slightly modify its lessons based on how well the child is performing. Stuck at a certain digraph? Let's practice that a bit more, by playing through more words that contain the same digraph, at the same location (beginning, middle, or end of the word). Don't feel like spelling right now? Go ahead and poke the Roc-Roks for fun, and even the environment for hidden animations! Hope you and your child enjoy!
Nikki Ebora
Senior Software Engineer