Sprite Flash Tool
Discord Support | Documentation | Tutorials This tool is using edited default and diffused unity shaders with option to apply custom color on top of your sprites. It's a tool that will make your sprites flash with custom color.
🔀 Features:Flash in Edit Mode (You can flash the sprite in edit mode which will save you a lot of time). ☆ Preview mode (See how applied color actually looks on your sprite in edit mode). ☆ Color Presets (Save colors that you often use). ☆ Multiple Sprites (If your character is made of multiple parts you can include those parts to be flashed simultaneously). ☆ Duration (How long the color will be applied on sprite). ☆ Amount (Applied color transparency). ☆ Decrease Amount Over Time (gradually decrease amount of flashed color based on duration). ☆ Select Material (Default, Diffused).
🔂Update v1.1 ★ Multiple sprites feature added (If your character is made of multiple parts you can additionally include those parts in a list and they will behave exactly the same as main sprite) ★ Invoking Flash() while GameObject is disabled will not throw an error any more. ★ Setting Duration value below 0 problem fixed. ★ Preview Mode: blue component background color is now disabled, and there is only help box notification on top of the component.
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