Sprint Week, Fall 2016
In school, we were split into groups, and given four days to make a game, based on a challenge; 1st years will make an outdoor sport/game, 2nd and 3rd years will make a digital game based on that sport/game. There were three 1st years, and three 2nd/3rd years. We decided to continue working on the project, and I will update it when possible. The Digital Game's lore is that some soldiers from the current era have accidentally traveled back into Feudal Japan. The blind samurai is trying to stop them from creating issues with time, while the soldiers are trying to survive. We were trying to emanate the imagination a young child might have for this game. My teammates are not on Unity Connect, so I will list everyone on the team below Oswaldo Meza: Programmer/Implementation/Digital Game Design Hannah Perks: Assistant Programmer/Implementation/Digital Game Design Joshua Bresler: Aesthetics/Digital Game Design Sean Grafton: UI/Physical Game Design/Video Production Ivy Zhao: Physical Game Design Milan: Physical Game Design/Video Production
Joshua Bresler
Game Designer