Spook House
Spook House is an inverse tower defense game where you play as a reanimated skeleton harvesting the fear of mortals to survive. Build your own haunted house room-by-room and add attractions to balance the entertainment and terror of your guests. Earn resources and create your own spooky empire!
● Play as a spooky skeleton entrepreneur on a quest to regain power ● Carefully manage the fright levels of your guests or go all out and cause a chain reaction of terror and death ● Build your haunted house room-by-room and customize the path that your guests take ● Choose from a wide variety of monsters, attractions, and haunted furniture to place along your path ● Accept or decline infernal contracts to personalize how you play the game ● An original, spine-tingling soundtrack by composer Alec Sievern ● And more! Steam Greenlight page: Spook House already has its main gameplay mechanics implemented (building your house, placing attractions, scaring guests, and so on). Currently, we're working on making new levels, contracts, and attractions to add to your house, as well as a UI overhaul. Also, we’re trying to make sure our code withstands intense user punishment. We plan on releasing Spook House in April 2017. Check these pages out for some mouth-watering development updates: Twitter: Tumblr DevBlog: Youtube: Studio Website:
Matthew Higham
Technical Artist
Lead Programmer, Project Manager, Systems Design, Technical Design
Dakota Hotchkiss
UX Designer
UI Design & Art