Splashin N' Kraken
2017 Global Game Jam
This game was created over the course of roughly 48 hours during the 2017 wave themed Global Game Jam which was hosted by Playcrafting at the Microsoft Building at 11 Times square. The objective is to protect the central island, Atlantis, from the pirates who are actively trying to steal the treasure. Up to 4 players may join in the game at any point and use their respective mana to keep the trespassers at bay. Each player controls a cursor which acts as the focal point for two spells: creating waves that destroy ships by pushing them into rocks and each other, along with summoning a kraken which takes down several ships in the area but consumes more mana as a result. I primarily acted as the game designer during this time and worked with other group members to implement our vision of the game as swiftly as possible given the short time period. I worked mainly in the Unity editor and patched together a few images our artists drew up in order to create the animations of the ship being destroyed as demonstrated in the screenshot where the kraken is pulling down an enemy ship. I also helped handle resource management for the mana.
Markos Orfanos
Video Game Programmer