Spiritus Machina
Updated 3 years ago
Linux; Mac; Windows
Student project at SAE Institute Stuttgart
You crashed here on this scrapyard planet. So get your shit together and find some useful tools to escape! I saw a jetpack earlier... but I don't think it will fit you. You got to find a backpack first! If you really manage to gather all this stuff, you'll still need a head to navigate and arms to steer, right? 4 parts that is. It should do the job. But beware of this giant robot protecting his junk, better listen carefully while you're out there. Old service robots like him don't like visitors very much. Time is of essence so better keep an eye on your energy level - it's already draining! You'll be in big trouble if your power is down, my friend! Try to find some charging stations to refuel. Your battery is failing... failing... fail... lin...
Spiritus Machina was a project at SAE Institute Stuttgart by games courses 914. It was developed in Unity3D from April 2015 to June 2015.
You play a tiny robot crashed on earth in a scrapyard. To leave you must find 4 pieces and tools – otherwise you're left for dead in this filthy, dark and scary place. So far, so good – if it wasn't for the scrapyard guardian robot trying to catch and destroy you. So better run and hide – but always have an eye on your battery level since it is falling quickly. Luckily there are a few charging stations... somewhere...
Contact me if you want access to the build of the game.
Team: Anastasia Nathanailidou - Art Camilo Weinmann - Art Cem Ates - Audio Ediz Kaan - Art Elias Steurer - Programming Fabian Beck - Programming Ilias Lazaridis - Audio Janzon Runge - Audio Jonathan Thiele - Programming Marian Günthner - Programming Matthias Krista - Art Mohamed Sulaiman Karim - Art Patrick Mours - Lead Programming Stefan Wezel - Art Support Special Thanks to: Andreas Hauber, Corinna Fritz, Nikola Merkas, Shaima Mawad, Stefan Wezel
Marian G.
- Programmer
Game Languages
English, British; English
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows