Spino - Early Access
Get focused and challenge yourself!
It's so simple to play. Slide your finger on the screen to find the correct color and tap to pop a shockwave. The pieces of the same color that the shockwave has touched disappear. If you have energy, you can expand the blast area just by squeezing before you tap. How many points can you make with this simple game? When you start playing Spino, you will see that you can not concentrate as much as you'd hoped. In this simple game you will only fight yourself. If you manage to reach 500 points then the new game modes will start to open step by step. Spino will be a harder game that you have to fight more with every new feature that is going to be unlocked, and of course you will have more fun. Features to open: Combo: Allows you to fold your score with a series of speed shots 3 Colors: In addition to 2 color pieces, 3 colors come in more complex parts Lightning: You will receive a new lightning every 2 minutes during the game Fusion Energy: Get ready to hunt for new pieces for more energy Meteor: Color changing meteors start to fall Supernova: It is the greatest power that destroys everything in the playing field! Hyper Speed: The whole game will be faster but will earn more points Complex Dimension: More color, more entertainment White Dwarf: These pieces are very strong. You can not destroy them with shock waves. You can only get rid of it by dropping it Time Freezer: Do you need additional time before new pieces arrive? Time freezer saves lives at this moment Light Speed: Do you think you can play Spino so fast? Try it, if you do it, plenty of points are waiting for you.
Serdar Y
Solo Developer - Other
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