Spin Wheel Effect
The Spin Wheel Effect (S.W.E.) is a C# plugin for Unity3D thought to help developers to avoid the ugly Stroboscopic Effect (a.k.a. Wagon Wheel Effect), which occurs when a wheel rotates faster than the frame rate of the game.
Features: - GPU generated textures - Diffuse and Bump maps supported - Mobile compatible (tested on Android) - Tyre, tread, spokes and brake disk supported - Generated textures compression - Can be used for car wheels or to simulate plane/helicopter propellers - Different input handlers - Unity5 compatible - UnityCar ready - Ready-to-use models included - Save/Load configurations - Spawn/Swap wheels system -Adaptive occlusion for low camera angles - Free full support from the author IMPORTANT NOTE! Some modeling and texturing work is required in order to correctly set up the system. All the wheels must respect a given hierarchy (no single mesh wheel). The included wheels are ready to use, and they are a good start for making compatible models.
Francesco Cucchiara
Unity VR Developer - Programmer