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Mac; Windows; Android
Like curling, but with beer!
SpillTender is a game in which you serve drinks to bar patrons in a unconventional way. Carefully slide beers to strange folks to collect tips. Spilled and smashed glasses come out of your pay, so don't waste 'em
  • Slide beers towards changing goals.
  • Smash and spill beer into great messes.
  • Serve strange looking characters.
  • Express frustration towards peanuts.
  • Try not to get fired!
Q: What is this? Why is it free? A: This is a early stage prototype made by Reptoid Games. It's pay-what-you-want (including free) because it's unfinished. So please, play it and tell us what you think.
Q: Is this a game jam game? A: This game was made in just 4 days, like many jams, but is not affiliated with any game jam. We built it quickly as a proof of concept, and that's all.
Q: Who made this? A: Reptoid Games! Simon Paquette did the art, Ryan Miller did the programming, and they both did the Game Design.
Q: You're called Reptoid Games? Are you Reptoids? A: Of course not! That's ridiculous. Who told you that? Of course we're not Reptoids.

Reptoid Games Inc
Ryan Miller
Head of Game Development at Reptoid Games - Owner
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Mac; Windows; Android