Spiders Everywhere
This is a VR game for Oculus. It is optimized for Android and PC build. So you can play it on Gear Vr as well. The gameplay is fairly simple, it requires one input from the player to eliminate the spiders.
This project was made to explore the use of gaze and tap interactions in virtual reality. The game mechanic is to aim to the spiders through gaze and kill them by a single tap. It's an endless game, the game gets harder as the player survives through the waves of spiders. The goal is to survive & reach to the highest score by eliminating all of the spiders. For a smoother experience the spiders spawn mostly in the front range of the player, this helps with the comfort of the player while wearing the headset. There is spawn point on the side but it is limited due to the nature of a seated VR experience.
I've modeled modular rock pieces using Maya to build the environment. I've created seamless textures using Photoshop for the rocks, the ground and the wooden sign. For the spider, I used a Unity Asset Store rig. You can find the asset here. (
Ilayda Bozkurt
3D animator / VR Game Developer - Student