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What is a spheroid? Ordinarily, a spheroid is the 3-dimensional equivalent of an oval-like shape. Similar to the planet earth. However, here on the island, we define spheroids in a different way. A spheroid is a very simple robotic spherical device, which is not only autonomous, but is equipped with an extremely high-voltage "Activator field." Our goal on this island, is to run these spheroids through a collection of linear paths we have created, through other worlds, in order to ensure the spheroids can handle almost every possible situation a spherical object can be in.


Hello, everyone. Welcome to Spheroid! This is a game that i have been working hard at for a few months or so, and I have decided, very recently, that I would like to share it with the world. "Why early access?" you may wonder. This, is because the game needs your help. While the game is looking fairly good in it's current state, and contains 3 fully playable levels, It is not quite up to the standards I would like it to be as the developer of the project, and by Purchasing a copy early, You'll be helping me greatly to improve the game, and to make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone. I am always very open to feedback. You can now Get it at:
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