Speedy - Card Game 3D / AR
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iOS; Android
Fast-Paced Augmented Reality Card Game
Speed Card Game can be played against an AI, vs the same player on the same device or watch 2 AI playing against each other.
It can be played in AR mode or conventional view.
The goal of the game is to lose all cards. Each player gets five card stacks with the card facing up. The player needs to stack cards with the same values, either on his side or move cards from his side and stack them on his opponents.
The game takes place simultaneously, and the faster player always makes the move. So if you the first to put your card on to of his card, your move counts and his move canceled.
When you remove a card from your stack, you need to tap the card below it to flip it faces up. You can move a top card from a current stack to an empty card stack.
There are three red/green indicators on the right side which show if a player can make a move. If not player can make a move, you need to click the middle right card stack to reveal a card—that card is then placed in the middle. The middle stack is different, in such way that any player can put card which one value higher or lower than the top card’s value.
The game continues until one player is left without any cards, and he or she is the winner. Just note, you can move more than one card at the same time. The game is all about a fast reading of the available cards and moving them as fast as possible before your opponent does.
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iOS; Android