SpeedTree for Unity 2017

SpeedTree for Unity: Procedural Tools for a Natural World

SpeedTree for Unity is a combination of drop in ready assets plus a powerful suite of procedural 3d modeling tools available for $19/ month with a direct pipeline into Unity (5.0+). SpeedTrees can be purchased via the Unity Asset store and dropped into your scene with SpeedTree wind, our smooth LODs, AO, and multiple triangle counts for everything from mobile to console games. Every install of unity comes with SpeedTrees included in the Standard Assets Environment Package Using the same academy award-winning technology used by VFX and Game veterans in titles such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and movies including Rogue One and Jurassic World, SpeedTree for Unity allows small teams and developers to create large natural worlds with ease. Any SpeedTree for Unity model can be edited, modified, or reconstructed using the Modeler, giving artists procedural and fine tuned art control over their world.
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  • Desktop Tree Package
  • Ground Cover Package 2
  • Desktop Grass Package
  • Gaia
  • Adam Exterior Environment