Speed Brawl
Updated 12 days ago
Available on
Windows; PlayStation 4; Xbox One; Nintendo Switch
Speed Brawl is a 2D combat-racer about moving fast and hitting hard! Maintain your momentum, build your combos, and unleash powerful special moves. Find your own fighting style, and assemble the finest team of brawlers ever seen. Then do it all again faster... faster... FASTER!!!
-6 Unique Brawlers with their own play styles
-Loads of upgrades to customize each fighter and blast through the competition
-Razor sharp visuals and beautifully animated characters
-Over 50 unique action-packed events and races to wade through across multiple Speed Brawl Leagues.
-Local and online co-operative play through the whole campaign!

London, 1888. After a decade of war with the Lunar invaders we named the Selenites, the British Empire finally vanquished the insect-like menace thanks to a dashing officer by the name of Hugo Wells. He crushed the colony’s queen and in doing so cemented his status as both a hero of the empire, and the de facto patriarch of the drone-like Selenites.
Following the war, the Selenites became the new workforce of our industrial revolution, ushering in a new era of progress and prosperity. Freed from the shackles of employment, man could pursue more earthly endeavors. However, listlessness and disobedience rampaged throughout the middle and working classes. In order to satiate the masses, Hugo Wells conceived of the ultimate entertainment. An elite sport where only the bravest, the fastest and the most worthy warriors could wage a petty war against the enslaved Selenite hordes. Welcome… to Speed Brawl!

Stéphane Beniak
Programmer and Game Designer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; English, British; French; Portuguese, Brazil; Russian; German
Supported Platforms
Windows; PlayStation 4; Xbox One; Nintendo Switch
Lucas Rodrigues
3 days ago
gamer - Producer
hello Stéphane Beniak I saw the design of your game and I thought the idea would make it successful without speaking that the art is very beautiful shown in the video, I would like to know when it will be available on the platforms mentioned and if there was how I could test the alpha version of your game if possible, even if it would be good to have an idea for me starts to make my own an indie game joining all the ideas in the games that I have a little experience.
Ciro Continisio
7 days ago
Technical Evangelist - Educator
Wow, incredible graphics and animations!
Gianni Schicchi
7 days ago
Indie developer - Programmer
It seems a GREAT WORK ! Congrats !!!
Programmer and Game Designer - Programmer
Andres del RioLooks great, man! Best of luck on your release!
Andres del Rio
8 days ago
Entrepreneur - Artist
Looks great, man! Best of luck on your release!