Special Agent Lahey: On the Case
Special Agent Lahey: On the Case (SALOTC) is a first person puzzle game in which the player is left to explore the game environment. The player is left to choose who they think the culprit is from the suspects. The game is set in the early 1990s in North America. The player takes on the role of Special Agent Jim Lahey, an experienced FBI agent Millionaire and Tech company CEO, Trevor Collins, collapsed and died at his own birthday party at the HQ. It is suspected that he was poisoned. Lahey must determine who the killer is by looking at the evidence in the game environments, and the evidence from the suspects. The game will initially have one level, but if the game is a success there is potential for more game levels to be released. New video progress coming soon...
Michael Mosson
QA Consultant / Indie Game Development - QA