4K Cinematic: [FINAL] Sparth's "Shelter 34" Concept
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Personal 7 day Challenge - Concept to 3D!

4K Video - 2019/02/06 [Post #14]

Rendered in 4K in 6 mins! (Actually rendered a few times to fix and add things here and there)
Again super impressed with the new HDRP features! Very easy to use - even iterated and made some quick snow using same Mountain Cloud VFX graph!
Again all credit and thanks to Sparth for the concept! Hope you like it!

Day 07 - 2019/01/23 [Post #13]

Guys - I'm calling it done! WOW It feels good - What an amazing yet challenging concept! Many thanks to Sparth for the concept! Also great to here from the man himself! Cheers mate!
Quick final Time-lapse!
Above you can see the final timelapse of progress! Lots more I could do. (Might even chip away and make an epic cinematic video now...) :D
Hope you like it guys!

Day 07 - 2019/01/23 [Post #12]

Well I finally made time and tonight is the night! One final push for my 7th and Final day!
Lots of Vertex Painting and Decal placement. With Vertex Painting and Displacement Shaders - One tip I recommend - and it frustrated me for a while - is to not turn tessellation or height blending in your Lit Layered Shaders until you've finished vertex painting. This is because even though you're painting vertex colours all the layers still exist below RGB waiting to "come through" via displacement offset, any material it is deemed "higher" than. It can get super confusing if you've already set all these different heights for each materials displacement.
So paint in your materials first. Then turn on your Displacement. Then dial in your heights to see how they begin to blend and come through each other. You'll stumble across some amazing combinations by playing around a bit! All my Materials are Substance Materials btw.

I've also borrowed a few little shrubs from Unity's Free Fontainebleau photogrammetry Demo!

Day 06 - 2019/01/18 [Post #11]

Bit of progress this afternoon! Really nearing the end now! Mainly just a lot of vertex colour blending, re-using substance maps in as many Lit Shader channels as possible.
Below you can see where it's at - I've technically got another day to go on my 7 day challenge (not consecutive - lol) Lots of little props, small ground additions, decals and GI lighting to go!
Quick timelapse of progress today:
Thanks for the likes guys! Cheers!

Day 05 - 2019/01/15 [Post #10]

Experiments from last night - Just getting some time now to upload - More to come!
Using Polybrush and 4 Lit tessellated shaders in a single Layered Lit tessellated Shader! The below gif shows the effect of enabling Height Blending across the four Lit Materials and then controlling the transition! This was soooo easy compared to Unreal Engine for example.
Below: New Tessellation Shader - Love it! Important to have a decent height map and high enough resolution. NOTE: Still need to look for an elegant/automated Channel packing tool to use the Mask Map channel of the Lit Material - May just have to do manually outside of Unity :(
Lots of fun so far!

Day 05 - 2019/01/15 [Post #09]

So work has had me travelling to other cities and climbing all over diesel locomotives for a Virtual Reality training package we're currently developing! But now I'm back! While I was away I did plenty of reading regarding Unity's "newish" Lit / Layered / Tessellation shader in HDRP, the Shader graph and the latest update of the Substance Plugin and their implementation for Unity for 2018.3 onwards!
My feeling now is actually to use Shadergraph and/or the new Layered Lit Materials with Substance Materials Outputs generated in Unity and blend them based on height maps with Vertex colours painted with Polybrush... More immediate results using tileable textures with reliance only on unique Masks from Substance Painter (which I can override in Unity with Polybrush).
So some huge changes to adapt to and learn but thats the fun part right!? I'll update you soon on what I discover from more in-depth testing!

Day 04 - 2019/01/08 [Post #08]

Bit of a gap in progress due to tackling this in my spare time so bear with me!
Anyway, just thought I'd share some screen grabs from the extremely mundane "Unwrapping" stage... blegh :P Haha! But seriously kids! Unwrapping is important! (Especially for Substance and and Unity's Light Mapping GI Stage!
The multicoloured Texture helps me see distortion - If you were wondering. Also for the eagle eyes out there - I'm not unwrapping every single thing in the scene as many of these objects are already instances in 3ds Max and I'll make use of the new Prefab system in Unity later! This includes things like - Barriers, Pipes, Girders, Shade Cloths, etc. Now it really is on to Substance Painter! I promise! Lets get the textures happening!

Day 03 - 2019/01/04 [Post #07]

So here's where Modelling is at - 90% I'd say! Gotta switch gears to texturing now - Could tinker and tweak all day!
Unwrapping is pretty much done - I won't lie, it's just nasty, quick auto unwrapping with a bit of manual stitching where necessary. Substance Painter is SUPER friendly when it comes to shattered UV's. Not great but this project isn't about perfect UV's!
Case in point - This project is first and foremost about learning and implementing as many new 2081.3 Unity HDRP features as possible. I just like modelling... so this has been a small tangent but I need something interesting to texture! :D
Next up: Substance Materials!

Day 02 - 2019/01/02 [Post #06]

Quick update on the hour I squeezed in on modelling today. Added the open panel section, support girders, internal structure, stairs, hanging sails & poles, and various subtle scale tweaks. The arches are still a little off from the concept but my model is a little more architectural in its spacing I think. Bit more detailing and unwrapping to do but onto Substance Painter next!
Lots of sweet detail coming! Encourage me with a thumbs up or follow me on twitter!

Day 02 - 2019/01/02 [Post #05]

Happy New Year!
Spent New Years Day floating in the pool after a late night drinking scotch around a massive bonfire! Bit sunburnt but hey it was still a great start to the year!
Now back to it! Right now I'm just modelling in more details on the Shelter and getting it ready (unwrapping as I go) to take it through Substance Painter!
Main thing from here is going back and forwards between Max and Unity as I push FBX updates to see it in the context of the scene and lighting.
I'll also progressively build up the new HDRP Layered Lit materials from Substance in Unity. Also gotta work out a quick/efficient way of channel packing some textures to maximise my use of the new materials in Unity. (Hopefully Substance exporter has an elegant solution ready to go but we'll see)
I'll keep you posted! You can also follow me on Twitter:

Day 01 - 2018/12/31 [Post #04]

So I figured out how to get a decent Mountain Cloud Effect happening with the new Visual Effect Graph! Feels VERY similar to the 3ds Max Particle Flow system!
Few things I haven't worked out yet with the VFX Graph is "prewarming" spawn of cloud particles and using nodes that connect Nodes sideways into Blocks. Feel like I've only just scratched the surface!
On to creating more depth in the foreground and modelling more detail into the Shelter!

Day 01 - 2018/12/31 [Post #03]

So I brought in one big FBX containing all the blocked out meshes and camera data from 3ds Max. Then I downloaded a free mountains pack I came across a couple months ago and filled out the background. Then I messed around with Unity's new HDRP Volume settings, Sky settings, Planar reflections (so delicious) and finally turned on some Post Processing effects to get the colours closer to the concept!
I really believe that the sooner you can establish a mood and sense of scale that, as an artist, you can really feed off that excitement and momentum and create something great before you lose that initial energy. (I'm constantly excited by the next idea that pops into my head so you have to move fast!)
Loving the HDRP features so far! I think next I'll explore the Visual Effect graph and see if I can't get some gentle snow falling or drifting in or maybe some more defined mountain clouds happening?

Day 01 - 2018/12/31 [Post #02]

So I'm starting in 3ds Max as there is a bit of modelling to do - Mainly on the shelter. Initially, in 3ds Max I just bring in the concept, parent it to the camera, make the concept transparent, create a 1.85m tall box for human scale, estimate how wide the structure is if a human stood next to it - in this case I think a diameter of 20m feels right. Then model really basic shapes to get it into Unity asap!
I've also set the scale to Metric metres (A Unity default cube is 1x1x1 metres as well) I had to disable "Convert Units" in the import settings of the FBX to ensure Unity wasn't treating my models as if they were coming from Maya.
I also want to test the recently announced Autodesk/Unity partnership and their "live-link" FBX export/import plugin workflow. More to come!

Day 01 - 2018/12/31 [Post #01]

Hi guys!
It's the holiday season! Yay! Last year at Christmas I entered Unity's Neon Challenge - It was an AMAZING learning Experience! Then in May 2018 I entered the South Asia Pacific "Creature Feature" Challenge and came Second! This year I'm setting myself the challenge - Learn all about the HDRP in 2018.3 and have fun doing it!
So over the next 7 odd days I want to bring Sparth's "Shelter 34" Concept to life in Unity!
For me the issues I'll face are: - Interpreting the concept in Widescreen! - Interpreting some of the more indistinct areas. - Conveying the epic scale! - Breathing some oxygen into this still image! I'll keep you posted! Wish me luck!
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Tri Sutrisno
8 months ago
Pasir Berbisik
9 months ago
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DavidAwesome work and thanks for the insight!
Hey thanks for saying so David! Appreciate it!
9 months ago
3D Technology & Innovation Lead
Abinash AcharyaGreat work man. Is it possible that you share the visual effect clouds with us? I am trying to implement sandy desert wind in similar fashion.
The main things to include are to control the fade in and out over lifetime, use a animated spritesheet and blended flip book and make sure your smoke/dust/cloud or whatever texture your using uses a normal map to react to the sun a little bit. And use soft particle setting to blend into ground or mountains to hide intersections with the particle quads.
9 months ago
3D Technology & Innovation Lead
Abinash AcharyaGreat work man. Is it possible that you share the visual effect clouds with us? I am trying to implement sandy desert wind in similar fashion.
Hey Abinash. If you scroll down my blog and get to Day 01 Post 04 you'll see every node I used to create those clouds.
9 months ago
Game Developer
Awesome work and thanks for the insight!