Sparcade Pacman
Sparcade pacman offers the classic pacman experience paired with real money betting on the Sparcade platform.
Architectural baseline creation for the programmers to adhere to a design standard. Tasks planning and distribution amongst the programmers. Daily code review of the programmers. Overall architecture definition to cope with server validation (when a playthrough ends, all the inputs from the player are sent to the server and an accelerated simulation is performed to calculate the score and compare it with the alleged score from the client). Design of an integer only pacman logic to allow validation (floating point ops may give slightly different results across different processors). Special pellet implementation: Because of validation in the server, each pellet could not cause an interaction with pacman, it would have been too expensive. Instead the pellets are a property of the edges of the maze graph and prediction was used to eat them in the client. Design of the game view: The model processes inputs and triggers events. In the server the events are ignored but in the client the events are handled by the view to show the player what’s happening. Maze layout change design and planning. Conveyor belts game mechanic Sundae game mechanic Handled GSN SDK updates to keep the game compliant with the platform while minimizing potential bugs. Animated background implementation. Custom Cg Shaders: This pacman version uses custom shaders to increase the visual quality and reduce the assets load at the same time. URL:
David Diaz
Unity Certified - Graphics Expert - 12yr XP - Programmer
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