Spaceship Bridge Game (Inspired by Artemis)
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Linux; Mac; Windows
Multiplayer bridge simulator game, taking a cue from the Artemis Bridge Simulator.
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Project Overview
While I was in undergrad, I was introduced to Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator. My friends and I played it often - often with groups larger than 20. We'd split the group into crews, and distribute the different crews in rooms throughout the house so that the communications officers had to communicate through Mumble. We coordinated massive multi-ship missions and we love every minute of it.
I have two very distinct opinions on Artemis:
  1. It is one of the most hilarious, enjoyable, and havoc-inducing party games I could ever want.
  2. It's an absolutely terrible game.
And the funny thing is, as much as 1 was true, 2 always bugged me. The game is buggy, the graphics are hyper-simple, the missions are 2-dimensional (literally AND metaphorically) and each role is very limited. At the same time, I know that Artemis wasn't designed to be something like, for example, Star Citizen in it's fully-flushed concept. I spent a while working on mods for Artemis, introducing new ships, weapons, and missions to the game - but the framework was nothing short of frustrating to work with.
So after some thought, I've decided that I'm going to build my own bridge simulation game from scratch. I want to capture all the fun, and teamwork of Artemis, but with reasonable graphics and UI, more variety for each role on each ship, more intelligent AI, and full 3-dimensional motion, combat, and exploration.
I'm going to use this project as a way to track my game's progress, and I'll post updates all along the way. I'll also likely push the code to github within the next few days, but my work keeps me super busy most of the time so this will be exclusively a side-project.
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Linux; Mac; Windows