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Published a year ago

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About This Game"The time to conquer the universe has come! You are the pilot a high-tech U.F.O, with the vast expanse of space as your territory to claim. This beautifully designed game will test your logical thinking, coordination and perseverance with each level offering a plethora of upgrades to choose from. Compete with your friends to have the high score and become the most powerful conqueror in the universe! You can also play co-op on a single device." d859598525 Title: Space XonixGenre: Casual, IndieDeveloper:SRF GamesPublisher:SRF GamesRelease Date: 17 Sep, 2015 Space Xonix Download Compressed File This game comes with my highest recommendation.I'm shocked that this game hasn't been seeing tons of praise and reviews.It is a surprisingly good modern qix. and a challenging one! The mexhanics are very similar to another qix clone - airxonix, with powerups and ball types.There is a global leaderboard, and levels do get progressively harder until they are quite insane :) And that's on "easy" ;)A perfect Arcade game!The only reason not to play it would be if you don't like arcade games or you never tried it.I would even compare it to trackmania in terms of fun :)Come out and playiyeeeeey!Booga.. This game entertained me for the first 5 miniutes, however, at the price of the game, it wasn't really worth the cost and is trumped by F2P games I have played online. Do NOT buy this game if you want value for money.. If you like Qix, you will love this game. The Best $2 I've ever spent. When it was on sale for $1, I gifted it to all my friends.... So yes I recommend this game to a friend. I have played other Qix like games, but I think I like this one best. Mouse works just fine on this game, but I think using gamepad is better. And it has a Leaderboard which is nice.I think it has a good balance of difficulty, but I must say, save your coins for a time when you do need them. Like when you're on level, and died 10+ times tring to beat a level (it was an off day). You will have the gold for a skill you may need to beat it.. Worth it if you like Qix! I got it on sale, but seems like decent value even at normal price. Gameplay is great, probably the best Qix clone I've played, and I've played a fair number of them.Has some decent chiptunes, I just wish it had more songs since it starts to get repetitive. That's my only complaint.. i reccomend this game to people that like strat games
Juan Pardo