Space Time
Published a year ago
In development
An adventure through time and space. To answer the great questions of human kind that have Stymied philosophers for thousands of years. For example, “Where’s the ‘on’ switch for this thing?”
***This project is on hold until I can get funding for it. I don’t have the resources to complete a project of this scale on my own. However, for this project I will likely spend some extra free time on it anyway because I like it. Is extra free time a thing?***
First, you will start on a time ship docked at a station or landed on a planet. The time ship will be completely powered down. Second, you will have to start the time ship up and prepare it for flight. Finally, you can sit in the command chair, fly the time ship away, see the galaxy, and break the space time continuum. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?
Guess again, if you just start random flipping switches without knowing what you’re doing, then you’re going to do something like implode the time ship into a sphere of matter 10 time smaller then a pin head with you on it (e.g. singularity core(s) overload somehow). Also, there are other ways the time ship can hurt you if you are unfamiliar to its functionality.
Fortunately, for you, there will be a series of interactive tutorials. However, that will not make it into the game for some time. I will either make some YouTube tutorial videos or talk someone else into making some on how to operate the complex systems that run the time ship. Before it is released to the public (if founding is found). With a little practice you will soon be making your first time jump.
P.S. Don't look directly at the programmer art.
To Prospective Employers:
There are a lot of scripts and algorithms behind the scenes controlling everything you see. This battery panel is fully functional, every switch works including the switch safety’s. Also, the switches and safeties are fully animated. Additionally, the console goes through a boot sequence (partially shown) and shutdown sequence (not shown) when you turn them on and off. Finally, all consoles also have sound effects. There are small bugs, but it is stable. The console is a simple prefab asset that can be duplicated many times. However, the texture might have to be slightly altered (“Battery 1”, “Battery 2”). I created and coded all the assets you see.
When you look at the screen shots, notice that the colors of the power readouts change based on how much power is going through them. They also use W, KW, MW, GW to show its power range (e.g. MW = megawatt). I had to write the algorithms for all this functionality and more. In the screenshots you can see power can be transferred from one battery to another. This functionality was NOT originally intended. Because of how the algorithms function, you can just hook the batteries up to each other over a system bus set one of the batteries to charge and it just works.
I hope this project can help you see that I am fully capable of coding algorithms and able to use most of Unity 3d’s other capability’s.

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